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Let's Talk Loyalty 

To learn more about customer loyalty, simply follow Amanda through any one of many media channels. She is a guest host on the global loyalty podcast, ‘Let’s Talk Loyalty’.  Let’s Talk Loyalty is ranked in the top 3% of podcasts in the world. She interviews impactful loyalty leaders around their experiences in customer loyalty. 

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The Truth Webinar Series has been created to share insights into loyalty programmes and CRM experiences. This webinar offers all listeners deep insight from various executives in the field of loyalty and CRM. Amanda interviews, across a period of many years, executives about programme performance achievements, about their favourite programmes, about international influences on customer experience, and much more. This is an opportunity to learn from many different senior global executives in the Truth Webinar Series. Please enjoy loyalty learnings from

Amanda Cromhout and the TRUTH team are the proud hosts of the annual Leaders in Loyalty Summit, where over 100 loyalty professionals join the conference.  Amanda is MC for impressive speakers from South Africa and international loyalty professionals, around the globe.

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