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the adventurer

Amanda loves adventure in her personal, professional and physical life. 

At the age of 17, she climbed the Himalayas to the 2nd highest Summit, after Everest. 

At the age of 18, she sailed the Atlantic in T.S. Astrid, a square- rigged sail training ship.

She loves endurance and mostly combines this with fund-raising.  

Amanda loves the Comrades Marathon, known as The Ultimate Human Race.  This year in June 2023, Amanda will run her 7th 90km Comrades ultra marathon and is doing so to raise funds for The Blind Loyalty Trust, which she founded.  She will run Comrades with one eye, having suffered an intensely terrifying three month ordeal of fusarium keratitis, leaving her blind in her right eye.  Amanda is raising funds for individuals who cannot afford health care but need urgent eye surgery to save their vision.

In 2016, Amanda was selected to be part of the Unogwaja team, to raise funds for Community Chest, the team cycled from Cape Town to Pietermaretzberg over 10 days (1700km) to run the Comrades Marathon on day 11. This was a crazy, yet remarkable endurance fund-raising experience 


Amanda has completed a full Ironman for fun and loved it in 2018.  She’s actually trained for three more Ironman events, but each one was cancelled due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, now she believes she has hung up her Ironman shoes due to her blindness in her right eye from a cycling safety point of view.  

Amanda and her best friends ran The Washie 100 (160km road running event in the Eastern Cape, South Africa) .  This tests the most courageous runners. Nicky, Charlene and Amanda all successfully completed the run and also won the ladies team trophey for VOB running club, Cape Town.

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