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Amanda Cromhout is a passionate loyalty professional, with deep experience and expertise.  Her career started in customer loyalty way back in the frequent flyer arena with British Airways. Amanda is now passionately doing what she loves through, Truth - a global consultancy based in Cape Town. What Amanda loves doing the most is sharing loyalty expertise and helping others, whether that be through keynote speaking, training, consulting or very significantly through her involvement in charitable causes. 


Loyalty Expert

Amanda’s passion for loyalty and CRM resonates through her brand Truth - a boutique global consultancy firm specialising in nothing but serving its clients to achieve customer centricity and loyalty excellence. Amanda is also a judge on the International Loyalty Awards and Judging Chair of the South African Loyalty Awards.  Amanda is a member of the global consulting network:  

media hosting

Media Host

Through Amanda’s passion to help others, she hosts a series of webinars and podcasts to share her insights in the world of customer loyalty. She is the Academic Director of Truth’s Customer Academy, an online training programme for loyalty and customer data courses.

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keynote speaker
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Keynote Speaker

When you need focus on your customer, Amanda Cromhout is the most professional and experienced speaker for your corporate events. Frequently voted as the top speaker at global conferences, Amanda would be honoured to motivate your teams with her passion for customer loyalty.

endurance & charity

Endurance & Charity

Aside from loyalty and Truth, Amanda throws herself at helping others through various charitable organisations. She has founded several non-profit organisations and is involved in others; you will find her fundraising via extreme endurance events!

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Family Fanatic

Above all else, what actually completes the circle of life, is Amanda's love and focus on her family. She has three wonderful children: Hannah, Katie and Josh - and her loving husband, Theo. Together they all live in Cape Town, South Africa 

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